2020 Garden Drill Planter

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The only thing that blocks you from being a professional gardener is lack of knowing about our GARDENER DRILL PLANTER.Ā šŸŒ»šŸŒ·šŸŒ¼

GardeningĀ is one of the most relaxing, rewarding, entertaining, enjoyable and healthy hobbies because itĀ brings many positiveness along that stretches far beyond what you might initially overlooked. However, it also takes much timeĀ of hard work and for example DIGGING.šŸŒ±


Situation 1: You may knowĀ how tiring it can be to dig in your gardenĀ via traditional means and tools asĀ big spade, mattockĀ andĀ hand trowelĀ which subsequently cause youĀ back pain, shoulder pain andĀ knee painĀ etcĀ from being bent over digging holes forĀ hours or even half a day.šŸ¤•

Situation 2:Ā It may not be easy to investĀ much time fromĀ tight daily schedules just to dig holesĀ via traditional hand tools of low efficiency.Ā As we know time's goldĀ so we normally allĀ expect to plant more with less time cost.āŒ›

Now no more worries and here comesĀ Planter Garden Drill Auger.Ā Professioanl gardener or notĀ this drillĀ powers you up digging holes easy and fast all beyond imagination!šŸ‘


āš” FASTER & TIME-SAVINGĀ -Ā Wherever you would use a spade, mattock orĀ trowelĀ to dig the auger is capable of doing the job 10Ā times fasterĀ with virtuallyĀ much less effort required!

āœ”ļø HIGH EFFICIENCYĀ -Ā Go throughĀ mostĀ types of soil asĀ compacted garden beds, solid clay, fibrous roost, shale soil and even more.

ā›ļø LESS WORK - No more hard work, dig more holes with ease in seconds and plant more in less time.

šŸ§“Ā ARTHRITIS & INJURIES FRIENDLYĀ -Ā Less work means less strain on your bodies.Ā Now dig without worry about provoking your existing pain or injuries.



  • PerfectĀ bulb plantingĀ for tulips, iris, bulbs, bedding plants and seedlings etc.
  • PulverizingĀ the soil,Ā increase greatĀ soil-to-root contact whichĀ helps plants and vegetables grow better.
  • RemoveĀ weeds and roots, cultivating the soil.
  • MixĀ fertilizer effectively.
  • DrillĀ fishing holes, fence post holes and umbrella holes,Ā great forĀ DIY projects.


  • AĀ long-lastingĀ gardening tool thatā€™llĀ serve for many years.

      • Sizes:Ā Ā SmallĀ 9inch (22cm) /Ā LargeĀ 18inch (45cm)
      • Drill not included.
      • Thickness: Medium
      • Color: Green and Black.
      • Material: Rubber+ Polyester + ABS Plastic


      • 1 x PlanterĀ Garden Drill Auger (drill is not included)Ā 


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